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About Cobbler's Bench


Cobbler's Bench Shoe Repair is a division of Stern Shoe Repair Company, Inc. Stern Shoe Repair Company has been in business since 1946 and is a
shoe repair and findings company with many locations throughout the Metropolitan Washington Area. The main office, plant and warehouse share the same building with the plant containing specialized equipment used to repair items that cannot be repaired at any of the outside locations.

Coming to work in 1964 for the company, David Stern is the son of the original owners, Charles and Sara Stern, and has been actively involved in the company since his graduation from college with a degree in business administration.

Today, with a total of some 35 employees, we are operating over 20 shoe repair locations in the greater Washington, D.C. area including such major shopping malls as White Flint, Montgomery Mall and Union Station. In addition, we are operating four shoe shine stands in the House of Representatives Office Buildings.

Stern Shoe Repair Company, Inc. continues to maintain standards of the highest quality in the repair of shoes, material used, related shoe repair merchandise and in the fulfillment of expectations of a very satisfied customer, be it shoe shines or shoe repairs.

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Cobblers Bench Shoe Repair

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